About Us

Ken Williams - Chief Instructor

Ken is a USCCA Certified Instructor and Training Counselor, a Texas LTC Instructor and an ALERRT Instructor. In addition he is a Certified Internal Controls Auditor and Certified Information Systems Risk and Compliance Professional. His expertise is in training, risk assessments and writing policy and procedures.

Ken knows how important security is in the workplace as well as on a church campus. He has worked in the banking industry as a Branch Manager ,was a RM and Customer Service Manager for the nation's largest quick lube and was  most recently the COO for a major law firm. His business knowledge and hands-on experience makes him uniquely qualified to identify areas where security is at risk.

You are your Family's first line of defense!

Situational awareness is an talent that most people lack. Our goal is to teach and prepare you about how to respond to those situations where you can lose control quickly.  If you're not ready, who will be?